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Message 46809 - Posted: 14 Dec 2012, 17:38:27 UTC

These are not the Seti forums, but instead the BOINC Development forums.

The only direct link between Seti and BOINC is that both are brainchildren from Dr. Anderson, and that Dr. Anderson runs his office and thus the BOINC domain server, from the same building that Seti runs from. But we are not Seti, nor are these the Seti forums.

I would appreciate it if you stopped being an ass. We're quite open on these forums, we allow a lot more than they do at the Seti forums, we're more adult minded. That said, we also don't allow certain things, such as spamming the forums in any kind of way, or returning with (multiple) new accounts after your first account was banished. (Veiled) Nudity is also a no-no.

Now, you're welcome to continue on these forums with this account, you can post just about anything you want around here, perhaps someone will answer, but the more likely scenario is that most people will ignore you.

One final note:
We do record who makes new accounts, and once every so many weeks the database is cleared of spammer accounts. I won't find many accounts of yours when I check the list of new accounts, will I?
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Message boards : Projects : Beyond light speed.

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