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Message 46070 - Posted: 21 Oct 2012, 12:12:18 UTC
Last modified: 21 Oct 2012, 12:16:12 UTC

Create account,

url to use in Boinc to participate in the project.

The site is currently only in Russian, use a browser that translating pages, such as Google Chrome, for example.

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Message 46073 - Posted: 21 Oct 2012, 16:17:49 UTC - in response to Message 46070.  

Not sure why posting about a BOINC project when it is complete obfuscated what on earth they're supposed to do:
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Message 46632 - Posted: 7 Dec 2012, 4:21:41 UTC


I'm a developer of GRID.DVFU.

We never announced our project, and sorry that information was published here before the project is somewhat ready.


GRID.DVFU is under development right now.
We deployed a server at university ( campus and are working on automatic deployment of BOINC clients on campus machines.
We also connected a high-performance cluster to the system (60 nodes. 8 processors each).
Test program is currently running on GRID.DVFU.
The project is also opened for volunteers for testing purposes.

This project is intended to be a virtual campus supercomputer and serve the scientific needs of Far Easter Federal University (not only).. Currently we are working on a first scientific project. Release date is unknown.

English version of the web-site would be prepared for the launch of our first scientific project.

Thank you.
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Message 47717 - Posted: 11 Feb 2013, 12:14:01 UTC - in response to Message 46073.  

Not sure why posting about a BOINC project when it is complete obfuscated what on earth they're supposed to do:

I went to Google translate and pasted the project's URL ( into the translate box and it auto-detected German at that URL. Obviously that won't work and maybe that is why you got "obfuscation", gibberish, whatever.

I clicked the "translate from" button and selected Russian instead of German, then clicked Translate and it worked.

If you try to attach via the Add Project wizard it won't work at first. I had to find the "create account" page and create an account manually. They sent a verification email, I verified by clicking the link in the email and then was able to add the project via the Add Project wizard.

First request for work got a "no work available" response. They don't seem to have forums operational, mostly just pages explaining the DC concept and instructions for joining and attaching. There is no "your account" page, no indication of what kind of research they will conduct.
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