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[CSF] Thomas H.V. Dupont

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Message 45845 - Posted: 30 Sep 2012, 10:28:59 UTC

The distribution of tasks in the SETI@home project is somewhat erratic lately.
Less CPU tasks are distributed to the benefit of GPU tasks.
The RAC of all teams suffer a considerable subsidence and atypical.
Does anyone have some more information on these changes particularly in the abnormal distribution of tasks ?
Perhaps this is normal and cyclical but I had never seen this before with regard to the extent of the phenomenon.
Thanks for your answers.
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Max Garth

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Message 46116 - Posted: 25 Oct 2012, 10:56:24 UTC - in response to Message 45845.  

you are not kidding. I have two 5 core machines "full to the hilt" of Seti tasks, and I really mean full to the hilt, over 2000 hours of caculation on EACH machine and that can be 40 minute and 5 hour tasks.
My question is this. Who drives the stuff into my machine, and am I being given hell by NOT WANTING ABC tasks when I didn't ask for them.
There are a lot of tasks in these two computers that cannot possibly be processed so whats the point of providing not just dozens of tasks but hundreds.
I am ONLY interested in SETI, and other stuff bores me silly, so whats the sense in overloads, it will get wasted.
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Message boards : Projects : Erratic distribution of SETI@home's tasks

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