DCF jumped after hibernation

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Message 3959 - Posted: 18 Apr 2006, 14:25:36 UTC

After hibernating my Windows Pentium M notebook for 1 day and running it again I noticed, that all tasks' estimated runtimes in Boinc (5.3.31) suddenly jumped to tens/hundreds of days. No automatic benchmark was run around this time period and running one manually did not change the situation. I made a backup of whole Boinc tree and compared to older ones... All projects' DCFs in client_state.xml were commonly multiplied by at least 100. Even on Orbit@Home where never any task was executed (DCF was 1.0000). Now the DCFs are slowly comming down...

Is it any known problem or it needs to be investigated deeper?

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Message boards : BOINC client : DCF jumped after hibernation

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