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Message 37438 - Posted: 9 Apr 2011, 1:59:45 UTC

In the past year, BOINC volunteers have contributed over 6.8 billion CPU core-hours to a variety of research projects. Thanks, and congratulations on being the world's biggest computing cloud!
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Message 37466 - Posted: 12 Apr 2011, 8:44:47 UTC

We ROCK!!.. :-) Awesome Stuff..
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Message 37566 - Posted: 23 Apr 2011, 16:23:51 UTC
Last modified: 23 Apr 2011, 16:31:47 UTC

Congratulations crunchers! On a related note, how many core hours were crunched last year as comparison? That stat might be interesting too.

(Click for detailed stats)
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Message 37659 - Posted: 1 May 2011, 18:25:04 UTC

Hello All
I introduce myself my name is Hilary and Lodi are not fluent English and Italian I move a little in the Boinc forum
Therefore I ask the more experienced team to submit to correct my proposal:
I am involved in projects Worldcommunitygrid but what I propose is good for all projects from the following:
you must be over the progress bar WU a bar shows the progress of the entire project

I think this is useful because it allows everyone to know to what extent is the project you chose.

Thanks to All

Good continuation

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