Happy Birthday, CPDN! 26 August 2010

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Message 34379 - Posted: 26 Aug 2010, 16:54:05 UTC

Happy Birthday, CPDN! 26 August 2010

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think today, 26 August 2010 is the 6th anniversary of the BOINC-based CPDN ? not sure ?

I think David Anderson Director, BOINC Project said it best best in his post of two years ago.

if it's ok ... I'd like to copy and paste David's post to here as below.

David says it Best.

Today is the 4th anniversary of the BOINC-based CPDN, and I'd like to congratulate and thank all the people at Oxford who made it happen, and all the volunteers who courageously ran huge climate models on their PCs. CPDN has been a huge success. There's no more worthwhile scientific goal than investigating the fate of Earth, and CPDN has made critical contributions to this investigation.

CPDN inspired BOINC; when I read Myles Allen's original (1999) paper it got me very excited, and I immediately contacted him, wanting to get involved. CPDN's unique requirements had a big impact on BOINC's design.

Carl Christensen, who for several years did the heavy lifting of getting CPDN working and keeping to going, has also contributed greatly to BOINC, and more recently so has Tolu Aina. I'm extremely proud to have worked with these guys and the rest of the CPDN group. Congratulations all around!!

-- David Anderson
Director, BOINC Project
Univ. of California, Berkeley

Best Wishes
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Message boards : Projects : Happy Birthday, CPDN! 26 August 2010

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