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Message 33591 - Posted: 29 Jun 2010, 12:23:15 UTC
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I'm having a problem with timing out on WU deadlines because of an intermittent internet connection. I basically have no connectivity unless I am actively using the machine. (I am fairly sure why this is, but I am not able to address it at the moment). The only solution available to me right now is only to accept WUs that will not expire before the next time I am sitting in front of the machine.

Since I'm taking a 2-week vacation tomorrow, I need to stock up on WUs from those projects with generous expiration dates.

CPDN is the obvious candidate.
Others that seem to qualify:

Anything else I am overlooking?
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Message 33944 - Posted: 25 Jul 2010, 2:19:30 UTC - in response to Message 33591.  

I'm new so I don't know if all their WUs are this way, but my first task from AQUA gave me over a month.
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Message boards : Projects : Which projects have >2 week WU deadlines?

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