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Message 32901 - Posted: 20 May 2010, 11:12:12 UTC

This is a repost of bad wu's that I posted to at the collatz forum. The complaint that some wu's never finish.

This just happened to me. I had two wu's in a dual 9800gtx+ box running xp-32 pro that take normally 30 minutes showing that almost 24 hours had elapsed. I rebooted and they finished within minutes.

There are no gpu nor cpu restrictions. Running 6.10.55. Temps were down in the low 50's, a sure sign that neither gpu was crunching.

What is strange is the following:

Before rebooting I very clearly saw 23:xx:xx(00:00:xx) for one of them. I dont remember the value of the xx, just the 23 hours and the low temps. This indicates 23 hours elapsed time and less than 1 minute cpu time (Elapsed time, boingtask column)

After rebooting, the tasks finished within minutes and are "ready to report" with the time for each one showing

00:35:41 (00:00:17) and
00:35:46 (00:00:18)

so what happened to the actual elapsed time of 23 or so hours? I think collatz was hung in the gpu and the time counter was not incrementing. It would seem to me that elapsed time should have been reported correctly and not the 35 minutes. Something is wrong here

I just did an update that release the two to the project. I went to the project and the run time is about the 30 minutes, Not anywhere near the almost 24 hours that had actually occured.


Collatz admin had mentioned earlier that he is reporting cpu time instead of gpu time because of boinc scheduleing problems. Seems like run time does not include wall clock elapsed time. In this case it would appear that neither tasks started in either one of the gpus.
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