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Jackson Peebles

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Joined: 1 Feb 06
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United States
Message 2913 - Posted: 1 Feb 2006, 21:57:16 UTC

Hello everyone!
I have a suggestion. I don't know anything about programming, really, but I want to help this project. I was just thinking... would it be possible to create a program that can run on a server to process information? I mean, think about it - somebody with a high-bandwidth server could leave the software constantly running and if they had a halfway decent processor, would process WAY more information than ANY computer... so is it possible? I, for one, would use it on my site.
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Les Bayliss

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Message 2914 - Posted: 1 Feb 2006, 22:02:46 UTC

It was done on one of the cpdn servers for a while, but it slowed it WAY down for user access.
I thought at the time that the site was under DOS attack.

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Message boards : Server programs : Suggestion...

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