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Message 30492 - Posted: 11 Jan 2010, 10:57:59 UTC

Continuing from thread 3583 (could we have autolock disabled on this board, please?), Pasquale has posted Update & Plans for 2010.


For 2010 we plan to run our code on real data, primarily sky coverage data by real NEAs surveys, to produce two main products:

• a detailed map of the NEAs population, including both known and unknown NEAs, that will show clearly the orbits that are more likely to hide unknown asteroids; this map should improve our estimate of the total number of asteroids with a given brightness or diameter that are still unknown, and help surveys in their search;

• a sky map updated every night containing the regions in the sky that are more likely to contain unknown NEAs, and make this chart publicly available, so that interested NEAs surveys can test it and assess whether such a tool significantly improves the chances to discover new NEAs;

We plan to resume active development in March 2010.
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