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Message 27384 - Posted: 14 Sep 2009, 20:10:40 UTC

I know it is tough to answer these type of questions regarding the meaningfullness of data, but I have several data points all in August so I presume from the same area of the sky that might be of interest (or not):

Best pulse power 6.82, 9.69, 10.07

Another analysis came up with a triplet of 8.48 ... Are these of any interest?
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Les Bayliss
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Message 27386 - Posted: 14 Sep 2009, 20:20:11 UTC - in response to Message 27384.  

This is the BOINC help desk, not SETI.
SETI home page
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Aurora Borealis

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Message 27392 - Posted: 14 Sep 2009, 21:44:50 UTC
Last modified: 14 Sep 2009, 21:47:40 UTC

Individual data points have no meaning unless the same can be observed over multiple observations at the same pixel in space and at different times. That is what the NTPCKR software is designed to look for and score when scanning the database.
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