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Message 25492 - Posted: 17 Jun 2009, 11:27:47 UTC

Funny snippet from CNN:

As protesters planned to demonstrate for a fifth day against last week's disputed presidential election, Iran's Revolutionary Guard corps said Wednesday it will pursue legal action against Web sites that it said were inciting people to riot.
Iranian opposition supporters protest in Tehran on Monday in the largest demonstrations there in 30 years.

The Guard, an elite military unit that enforces the government's Islamic codes and morality, also blamed U.S. and Canadian companies, including American intelligence agencies, for financially and technically supporting the Web sites.

Yes... cause those Intelligence agencies have nothing better to do, huh?

Facebook... sponsored by the CIA.
Twitter, your choice for the RCMP.


Never knew these intelligence agencies were commercial companies, though.

"We will very soon inform the public the details of these destructive Internet networks and we warn the people who want to use cyberspace to incite riot, threaten people and create rumors that legal action will be taken against them and the penalty they will pay is very heavy," the Guard said in a statement carried by the official Islamic Republic News Agency.

Look, it's the Net Nannies, the Cyber Police. Soon on a forum near you!
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Message boards : The Lounge : Theran under lock-down

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