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Message 25112 - Posted: 29 May 2009, 11:37:16 UTC
Last modified: 29 May 2009, 11:46:17 UTC

The Ibercivis BOINC project is giving away PC's as prizes for crunching for the project!

This is no joke. If you only speak English, you will need to use a web translator like Yahoo Bablefish to understand the website.

Ibercivis main website; http://www.ibercivis.es

Ibercivis BOINC project; http://registro.ibercivis.es/

Ibercivis competition page; http://www.ibercivis.es/index.php?module=public&section=channels&action=view&id_channel=7

Bablefish translator; http://babelfish.yahoo.com/

This is the rough translation of the prizes;
Ibercivis wants to award the citizens who collaborate more with the project from their houses. Thanks to their sponsors, the following prizes exist:

Hewlett-Packard prize: A portáil HP for the best participant of Ibercivis of the world.
Ibercaja prize: 18 netbooks, 1 by independent community and another one for Ceuta and Melilla.
Prize Provincial Delegation of Saragossa: 6 netbooks, 1 by each judicial party of the province of Saragossa.
Prize City council of Saragossa: A portable one for the empadronados ones in the city of Saragossa.
Sun Microsystems prize: 2 workstations for the best participant equipment of the world in Ibercivis.

A picture of the prizes;


I don't speak Spanish so if someone can give us a better explaination for whats involved, that would be great!

John :)
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Message 25155 - Posted: 1 Jun 2009, 7:03:44 UTC

I got an email from Ibercivis BOINC project about this competition;

It says;
Starting 1st June, results received in Ibercivis can be used to participate in a small contest, with some national (Spain) and international prizes, even if the primary focus is in the area near Zaragoza.

We count two different metrics, according credit or according cputime (so slow machines are welcome, if enough RAM is provided!).

Information will appear tonight in www.ibercivis.es. To participate, it will be needed to register in the website during the first week of June, giving explicit identification and agreen to be bound by the contest rules.

Discussion can be done in the developer blog, ibercivis.blogia.es, and in Facebook Ibercivis pages, where a forum area is supported.

To opt out of future emails from Ibercivis, please edit your project preferences at http://registro.ibercivis.es/prefs.php?subset=project

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Message 25436 - Posted: 14 Jun 2009, 19:41:39 UTC - in response to Message 25155.  

they really needed a English version of site
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