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Message 24173 - Posted: 8 Apr 2009, 21:13:42 UTC

I have an 8-year-old, 800 MHz Ubuntu computer that was sent an Astropulse workunit for some reason and cannot finish it before April 27, five days after the deadline of April 22. I never use this computer; it's completely SETI-dedicated. Is there any way I can improve performance by the amount needed to finish the workunit?
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Message 24175 - Posted: 8 Apr 2009, 22:46:12 UTC - in response to Message 24173.  

No, just don't run Astropulse on it. I don't even know how your computer managed to get a task as when you are not lying about the specs, it lacks the minimum requirements.

Now normally, you'd be better off asking about this on the Seti forums. But under the circumstances, just follow these preference settings and you'll only be crunching Seti Enhanced Multibeams.
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