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Message 24172 - Posted: 8 Apr 2009, 20:57:07 UTC

I believe there should be a box when you detatch from a project to give a reason to the project why you have detatched.
I detached from the nqueens as the percentage never got above 0.00% even after 30 minutes on one that should have finished in 20 minutes but could have run to infinite, another one gave me 7 files that each had a completion of 19 hours and gave me a report deadline of 24 hours so they would never have finished in time. cosmology send me 40 files and all rejected for a signatures error
it could be imporant to the project managers to get this feedback
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Message 24174 - Posted: 8 Apr 2009, 22:42:35 UTC - in response to Message 24172.  

That's why these projects have forums. Report it there.
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