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Message 24049 - Posted: 1 Apr 2009, 0:19:35 UTC

CPDN has optimised its export of RAC (recent average credit) to the stats sites. In the blue line you can see the excellent results achieved since mid-March by Ian who has not increased his crunching at all. The red line is Willy's old-fashioned estimate:

Ian says ‘All I did to get this dramatic improvement in performance was to select the new short models. Now I don’t need to buy a new quad or graphics card to keep going up in the charts. The CPDN programmers are saving me lots of money’.

Dr Myles Allen, CPDN’s chief researcher, comments ‘Oxford University is the best in the world and members fully deserve rewards commensurate with this status.’.

Dr David Anderson, the founder of BOINC, is enthusiastic: ‘CPDN is one of my favourite projects (after SETI, of course). Its researchers publish frequently, which helps BOINC obtain further grants from the National Science Foundation. CPDN has always respected BOINC ethics.’.

Willy of BoincStats says ‘If I could understand their code I would use it myself, but it seems to be written in Fortran.’.

CPDN programmer Milo says ‘I try to keep the servers running so members can upload trickles from these models. Some of the servers are in the university computing department and they won’t give me a key. When climateapps2 breaks down at the weekend I can only get in through the window to mend it. I wish the window wasn’t quite so high up.’.

Climate model programmer Tolu says ‘When I optimised some of the models they slowed down by 20%. Optimising the RAC export to the stats sites is more efficient. I have another plan still in beta. Whether models crash or run they will all be marked Over – Success – Done. This will also encourage members to keep crunching. ’.

Travis Desell of MilkyWay@Home emailed CPDN:

We applaud your innovative approach but will be studying the implications for our members who must never be placed at a disadvantage.

PS Your publications are no better than mine.

Nicolás has messaged CPDN from Argentina:

Desde mi iPod
¡Que se vayan todos a freir espárragos!

You too can achieve this! Join CPDN now!

Maureen Vilar
1 April 2009
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Message boards : Projects : CPDN optimises RAC export to stats sites

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