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Message 17577 - Posted: 31 May 2008, 8:22:47 UTC

Pasquale Tricarico wrote:
The orbit@home project is now open for public beta. After several
months spent testing our main application, called SurveySimulator,
we're now moving into a public beta phase, characterized by mainly
production WUs and infrequent application updates to fix minor bugs or
to add missing features. We believe the project is now mature enough
to accept BOINC users with modest experience, and we're looking into
expanding our users base from the actual ~3K to ~10K.

About orbit@home

Our project focuses on celestial mechanics, with applications to the
dynamics of asteroids. Our first scientific application,
SurveySimulator, is designed to accurately simulate the performance of
astronomical surveys searching for Near Earth Objects (NEOs),
asteroids and comets orbiting close to the Earth. By joining
orbit@home, you help us understand and optimize the search patterns
followed by the surveys, thus improving their performance and enabling
higher NEOs discovery rates.

The SurveySimulator application is available on all major platforms,
including Windows/x86, MacOSX/x86, and Linux/x86.

To join orbit@home, please visit: http://orbit.psi.edu/oah/

For project news and results, visit: http://orbit.psi.edu/


Pasquale Tricarico [orbit@home scientist and developer]
Planetary Science Institute
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