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Message 9274 - Posted: 1 Apr 2007, 8:46:01 UTC

As BOINC is now listed on the New York, London and Tokyo stock exchanges, it is henceforth obliged to publish regular reports for its investors.

The first quarter of 2007 has been an exceptionally good period for BOINC, with previous records for numbers of attached projects, credits granted, members and computers broken by wide margins.

A single member, Wate, who owns over 5000 computers, broke the previous record for the number of computers attached to a single account.

It has therefore been decided to found and fund a prize for members who break his record. The prize will be called the Wate Award for NonCompliant Computing (WANCC).

Our auditors have expressed concern at increased rates of internet fraud and insist that we reduce our vulnerability. Boinc will therefore shortly be setting up an international team trained in intrusion forensics. The team will carry out unannounced domiciliary inspections of attached computers.

Concern has also been expressed at the behaviour of some members on project forums. The current maximum exclusion term of 21 years is insufficient to deter infractions. Taking increased life expectancy into account it has been decided to introduce 99-year exclusions which may run concurrently or consecutively.

Targets have been introduced for forum managers who must now delete a minimum proportion of posts and exclude a minimum proportion of members. Most forum managers have failed to meet their targets. Sanctions have been proposed for forums which cannot meet the targets because their atmosphere is too calm, good-natured, friendly and helpful.

Boinc has been renamed. The acronym remains unchanged but as from 1 April 2007 denotes Behavior On InterNet Computing.

Secretary to the Board of Directors
1 April 2007
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