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Message 111994 - Posted: 3 Jun 2023, 14:23:51 UTC

I participated SETI@Home since 2000 (long before BOINC), attached to BOINC when asked to, now I discovered that no one knows me... no account, no help, no "anything"...
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Dr Who Fan

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Message 111995 - Posted: 3 Jun 2023, 14:40:35 UTC - in response to Message 111994.  

The accounts under SETI CLASSIC (pre-BOINC) did not migrate to SETI BOINC.

The BOINC program required you to create a new account and if you also created a BOINC SETI account you had the chance to link to your old SETI CLASSIC stats to the new BOINC one.
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Message 111999 - Posted: 3 Jun 2023, 16:31:25 UTC

Further, since SETI@Home has essentially stopped (although the forums are still working), registering new accounts has been turned off. When SETI was active it was possible to link one "classic" account to one "SETI under BOINC" account. Sadly, this means you will not be able to link to your old "classic" account to a new account, and thus won't be able to easily see the fruits of your labours.
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Message 112009 - Posted: 3 Jun 2023, 18:13:36 UTC

What Rob and Dr Who Fan neglected to say is that these are the BOINC forums. We're not in any way affiliated with the Seti project.
Any dealings you have with Seti were with that project. Accounts made for Seti Classic were moved to the Seti BOINC project.

If you never made an account here on the BOINC website, then you never had an account here.
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