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Message 109547 - Posted: 8 Aug 2022, 22:42:25 UTC

I'm at a dead end with this. I've asked the MilkyWay@home community but no one had a good answer. I'm running a few projects. World Community Grid (with no WUs yet) and Rosetta@home (which hasn't loaded any WUs for 48 hours). The issue, though, is with Boinc & Milky Way. When the project is running, it uses 0.692 cores and that works fine. It also tries to use 2 CPUs. It occasionally runs okay but most often I see that either the WU isn't actually being done (Remaining shows 15.58 and doesn't change) or most often, the 2 CPUs begin to INCREASE the time remaining. Last WU said it was 16.00 remaining but 3 hours later it showed 139 days, 18 hours and some minutes and it keeps going up until I Abort the unit.

This is a 16GB Ram, 476 GB hard drive, WIN 10 (current version), HP laptop (I know...HP SUCKS but it was the only 16GB unit Best Buy had when I desperately needed it). I'm having some other issues with working online but, as this is Boinc, I figured I'd try you folks for assistance. I'm pretty sure I have it set for the laptop to be visible on the network. If it remains a problem, I'll have to have it serviced by GEEK SQUAD to see if it's a CPU issue or anything that can be fixed.

I also have a Gram laptop that never gives me even a hiccup.

Just started another WU for Milky Way and 16 minutes later it shows 30 days, 18 hours and 6 minutes.

Oh, and I've downloaded Boinc many times with nothing changing. If you'd like more information I'll go searching for it.
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Message 109548 - Posted: 8 Aug 2022, 23:34:40 UTC - in response to Message 109547.  

"Milkyway N-Body Simulation" (CPU) is a MULTI-THREAD application and will use all available cores/threads.

Try this:
Under the project preferences on your Milkyway homepage,
Edit Preferences for the venue (default, home, work, school) you are doing Milkyway work under...
Deselect "Milkyway N-Body Simulation" application & Deselect "If no work for selected applications is available, accept work from other applications?" for CPU if you are using the GPU for Milkyway, leaving only the application " Milkyway@home Separation" enabled.
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