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Message 109420 - Posted: 22 Jul 2022, 18:46:08 UTC
Last modified: 22 Jul 2022, 18:47:53 UTC

So I have a user with an interesting problem. He has two CPIDs and both CPIDs have multiple projects attached to them.


Will he be able to correct this problem by attaching all active projects to a single host and letting it run for a little while?

Trying to find out now if he is using the same email address on all the projects. If he is NOT using the same email, is it possible to change the email so all projects have the same? (for active projects)
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Message 109421 - Posted: 22 Jul 2022, 19:22:12 UTC - in response to Message 109420.  

Theoretically, BOINC should be able to sync the split CPID on all active projects once the user has change email on projects sites to the same one and run/updated all projects on at least ONE COMPUTER and they all have had time to sync with that BOINC CLIENT.

RETIRED projects with different email addresses most likely will never sync up...

Some external stats sites might be able to sync retired projects, some may not.
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