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Message 104988 - Posted: 8 Aug 2021, 2:40:31 UTC

What is happening and what will happen at GPUGRID, update for 2021

As you know, GPUGRID was the first BOINC project to run GPU applications, in fact we help in creating the infrastructure for that. This was very many years ago and since then many things changed. In particular, recently, we had not a constant stream of workunits. I would like to explain the present and expected future of GPUGRID here.

In the last few years, we moved from doing science by running very many simulations to develop new methods at the boundary between physical simulations and machine learning methods/artificial intelligence. These new methods did not require a lot of simulations and most of the PhD students in the research group did not use GPUGRID daily. We still had some long term project running on GPUGRID for which you will see results shortly in terms of new scientific publications.

Among other things ACEMD, the application behind GPUGRID is now built partially using OpenMM, of which I am also principal investigator. As you might know OpenMM is also used in Folding@Home. We have received a grant to develop OpenMM very recently with one or two people starting before the end of the year. This will be good for GPUGRID because it means that we will be using GPUGRID a lot more.

Furthermore, we recently found a way to run AI simulations in GPUGRID. We have only run very few test cases, but there is a PhD student in the lab with a thesis on cooperative intelligence, where very many AI agents collaborate to solve tasks. The goal is to understand how cooperative intelligence works. We are also looking for a postdoc in cooperative intelligence, in case you know somebody.

I hope that this clarify the current situation. On the practical term, we expect to have the ACEMD application fixed for RTX30xx within few weeks, as now the developper of ACEMD is also doing the deployment on GPUGRID, making everything simpler.

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Message 105858 - Posted: 26 Oct 2021, 17:44:39 UTC

Another news posting from GPUGrid

We have two openings for a PhD and a postdoc. If you know anybody that could be interested, share it please.
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