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Message 104920 - Posted: 2 Aug 2021, 5:36:37 UTC

I see this keeps coming up but it seems to be a rather muddy issue that perhaps needs some clarity. I see that all answers to "I want to make my projects play nice together" is go to the projects own web page and change your settings there. Well I'm sorry to say but this does not work.

I am trying like everyone to get my projects to play together. This would greatly benefit the projects because from my limited understanding multithreading relies partly on the fact that different parts of one CPU can be used at the same time for different things, but if all my CPU's are trying to crunch the same job they are likely all fighting over the same bit of the same CPU. The other issue is that even with idle priority some projects are just heavier and also take more RAM. The result is that I just have to cut back access to my resources for all! If I got better sharing I could run more threads and on a smaller machine would not exceed the ram with say rosetta which seems to be more ram hungry than WCG.

So I just looked at my rosetta settings and they are set at 7% CPU count. Well that one clearly never worked! Last time I went in there was literally years ago, like nearly a decade.

I have tried changing the resource share in any config file I can find it in but they just reset back to 100.

Would it not make a lot of sense to have control of the resource share from within the boinc manager in a way that overrides the project pages own settings? clearly the projects managing their own access to resources is a, well, conflict of interest and to me it looks like it is hurting everyone and people are spending quite a bit of time trying to sort out just that.
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Message 104922 - Posted: 2 Aug 2021, 11:31:14 UTC - in response to Message 104920.  

You can't set resource share in BOINC Manager, because it's a project preference. To add that to the Manager (and client) needs a substantial rewrite of the software, which isn't in the books for the two or three volunteers we have. If you have the knowledge, there's nothing in the way for you to do it though.

Also do know that resource share is a long timed process, you won't see changes to it overnight, the client first has to make contact with all the active projects again and check the Recent Estimated Credit to see which project is next eligible to fetch work. And then there's the small fact that the client is still using a single CPU scheduler, it doesn't really know about multi-cored and multi-threaded CPUs and so you'll find that most of the times all cores will work on 1 project's tasks only.

Maybe in due time, if you leave things well alone, will it switch to running the tasks of two projects at the same time, this happens easiest when you use projects with similar deadlines. But is still a long timed process.

Still think it can be done better, and have the know-how and the time? is the place to start.
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Message 104924 - Posted: 2 Aug 2021, 12:01:25 UTC

And if like myself, you have a project with very long deadlines like CPDN where they are typically about a year and a lot of the tasks last five days or even ten or more, it confuses things even more. I rarely run non CPDN tasks except when CPDN doesn't have any work which at times has been quite common though less often recently. In my situation the two choices are
1:Micromanage things by setting projects to no new tasks when I don't want any more from them or
2:Put up with things not working exactly how I would like.
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