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Message 102827 - Posted: 6 Feb 2021, 18:33:47 UTC

Hey everyone, I was wondering which BOINC projects provide all research data/findings to the public and/or publish papers? I know that World Community does but what about the other projects. Thank you
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Message 102829 - Posted: 6 Feb 2021, 18:51:24 UTC

CPDN, Einstein, Milkyway & Rosetta do. I'm fairly certain Primergid has published a list of the primes it has found.
LHC has in the past used the data produced by the volunteer body (BOINC) to support the science done on the Large Hadron Collider itself, so indirectly does.
For the rest it's worth checking the project sites you are interested in to see what (if) they've published anything
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Message boards : Projects : BOINC projects provide research findings

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