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Message 99841 - Posted: 10 Jul 2020, 5:47:15 UTC


I post here, because Gerasim seems to have an issue creating new profiles for their forum.
And, their forum is in Russian.
Third, their forum like literally has only 4 posts, on the entire forum.
Where 2 people complain about the same issue as me:
Linux CPU hosts get no WUs.

Second issue I'm seeing is that on my windows client, I get an initial, like 4 WUs, that all finish within 10 minutes on a slow CPU, and then nothing anymore.
Updating, or resetting the project doesn't do anything.
Only thing that helps is detaching and re-attaching the project again.
Then I get another 4 WUs.

They have a tournament coming up. I hope all issues will be resolved by then...
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Message boards : Projects : Project Gerasim issues

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