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Message 99358 - Posted: 18 Jun 2020, 21:52:28 UTC
Last modified: 18 Jun 2020, 22:26:19 UTC

I've had several rosetta projects stall with a 'waiting for memory' error.
I'm running a ryzen 3950x @32 threads, with 32GB of RAM.
In my Boinc Manager settings, it clearly states to use 90% of memory when the pc is active, and 95% when it is not used.
When I go into Htop, it tells me my entire PC (mainly boinc and Ubuntu) uses about 12GB of RAM, with an additional 5GB brown, meaning cached data that's not really necessary in RAM (that the system could either put into swap or dump).

So it clearly had an additional 15GB free memory available!

Once changed (increase or even decreased) that 90 and 95% value, it proceeded to fill the remaining CPU threads.

I'm running Lubuntu 18.04, with boinc manager 7.17.0

Edit: upon restart I noticed that though all CPU cores are occupied, Boinc refuses to use more than 16GB of RAM.
With the restart, I had the memory issue again.
It seems like Boinc thinks I have only 16GB of RAM, despite the OS correctly reporting 32GB.
Currently about 17GB is in use, and nothing is in swap.
global_prefs_override.xml is set to 100% for ram size.
I treid putting 150% but that was to no avail.

Edit2: Ok, now it corrected itself. 22,4GB in use!

I think it might be connected to VM WUs from LHC and possibly WCG and Rosetta.
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Message boards : Questions and problems : Waiting for memory error 7.17.0

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