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Message 97225 - Posted: 1 Apr 2020, 20:49:39 UTC


Dear Volunteers,

Today, IBM announced OpenPandemics , a new World Community Grid project in partnership with Scripps Research. Once launched, this project's main goals are:

    * Search for potential treatments for COVID-19.
  • Develop additional open-source drug discovery tools and processes that can be quickly deployed to address future pandemics and epidemics.

World Community Grid has been working behind the scenes to get the project launched as quickly as possible and we'll keep you up to date throughout this process. As soon as we begin alpha testing (internal testing of work units that will eventually be sent to volunteers' computers), we will make an announcement in this thread. We'll also update this thread with links to announcements about beta testing, the project launch, and regular project updates, so that anyone visiting the forum can quickly find the latest information.

In order to keep these announcements as visible as possible to all forum visitors, this thread will be locked. Volunteers are encouraged to post about OpenPandemics on the following threads:

Also, we will be strictly enforcing our communications guidelines, which you can read here .

We're thankful for everyone's support for World Community Grid and all humanitarian scientific research. Now, more than ever, we're all in this together.

Many thanks,

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Message 97228 - Posted: 1 Apr 2020, 23:37:15 UTC

Looks like IBM is also adding a stand alone non BOINC/WCG process to download & run tasks.

From ZD NET:
Coronavirus: How your PC's spare computing power could help discover potential COVID-19 treatments

Application from Scripps Research and IBM will conduct experiments to identify chemical compounds which could be used to treat COVID-19 - and all you need to run it is an internet connection.
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Message boards : Projects : WCG joining the fight against COVID-19

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