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Message 94196 - Posted: 11 Dec 2019, 18:11:00 UTC

I have a suggestion for BOINC:

Allow the user to select a "test mode" on the user's computer for a specific project. When in test mode, that computer will be sent only work units that have been previously run and validated on other computers. The result of testing several work units will be an evaluation of the suitability of that user's environment for that project.

To help readers of this message understand what I am asking and why, here is some background:

In 2012, I got a desktop computer that was high-powered for the time. It had several CPUs, a fast clock, and a lot of memory. So, I joined a project that required a project that demanded intense computing. But, a lot of my results had errors. The problem was at my end: The work units for that project didn't like to be interrupted, and I was shutting my computer off every night. But, leaving it on 24/7 resulted in an significant increase in my electricity bill.

In some cases, it appeared my computer successfully completed work units, but the result didn't agree with the result from another computer. That meant the work unit had to be sent out again to another computer. It also meant my computer was wasting time producing results in error that could have been spent processing work units for other projects that would be successful.
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Message boards : The Lounge : Suggestion: computer test mode for project

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