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Message 93703 - Posted: 14 Nov 2019, 16:37:04 UTC

I'm new to the community and only downloaded the SETI@HOME project. But for some reason my Bionic Manager is in a constant download mode. It appears all the modules have downloaded already but it continues to download them over and over again it seams. All have green check marks next to them but then a red circle shifts to one of the green check marks and starts downloading all over again. I signed up 3-4 days ago and the Bionic Manager has been running and downloading stuff ever since??

Will it ever stop downloading or is this just what it does? Also it appears I've been processing the same packet from January 4th of 2013 since I signed up for the program. Will that information also change over time?

Thanks for your help...
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Richard Haselgrove
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Message 93704 - Posted: 14 Nov 2019, 16:58:41 UTC - in response to Message 93703.  

I think it would be best if you asked this on the SETI@Home message boards. They have a special Questions and answers section where anybody can post: you could ask in the specific operating system section that matches your particular computer, or in the general 'Getting started' area.

But wherever you post, please be a little more explicit about your computer/OS and exactly what you're seeing: where exactly are these green check marks and red circles appearing? If you have a photo-sharing account anywhere, you could upload a screengrab and post a link to it - that would help.
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