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Message 93591 - Posted: 9 Nov 2019, 6:12:25 UTC

When I try to install the 64 bit client, it won't find any projects, or the projects take a long time to load.
Once loaded, and I use eg: Rosetta (or any other for that matter), it says 'Project temporarily unavailable'.

When I install the 32 bit client, it works just fine.

When re-installing the 64 bit client, it gets stuck at 'setting permissions on the .....' (the rest I couldn't read)
Then it starts up, but still takes a long time to load the 'tools, add project' window; and still can't find any projects.

I read up on MANY threads on this issue, and they all end up dead, with someone asking a question, but none of the solutions seem to work...
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Message boards : Questions and problems : Can't connect

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