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Message 92829 - Posted: 17 Sep 2019, 16:55:57 UTC

I am trying to create a BOINC project to find solutions for the game Quadrillion.


I've written a program that will run and find solutions for a given board configuration. There are 24,576 possible board configurations in just the square pattern. So far, just running the solver on one machine for the past three months I've found the solutions for 66 of these board configurations, and the running total of solutions is up over 1,000,000.

I'm doing this so that my mobile app based on the game can provide a solver. I haven't released the app yet but am planning to soon. I'm hopeful that a community approach to finding the solutions will blaze through the remaining configurations.

I am having some difficulty getting the project running on my Ubuntu droplet (DigitalOcean).

First, I'm using NGINX web server not Apache, and the documentation for the BOINC server is written for Apache. I'm no web expert and I'm not sure what to do/change to get the server running on NGINX. I don't want to switch to Apache if I don't have to.

Second, the documentation for the project configuration is very confusing. I understand that I need to use the client wrapper, but I'm not sure how each running client gets which board configuration I want it to run and how it provides results.

I've built my client application for Linux, Windows, and OSX. I don't know where to put it exactly and how to connect all of the pieces. The example app is not very clear.
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