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Message 84433 - Posted: 19 Jan 2018, 3:29:29 UTC

Hi all,

I'm compiling a debian fork installation and I'd just like to make sure the concept is sound and know that I'm not screwing around re-compiling and re-installing a system over and over until I have a functional BOINC installation that runs right off the bat. I'll likely use Debian or Ubuntu and I have about 40 some odd computers running BOINC with those Operating Systems and I won't be stopping my career in IT or personal heat factory anytime soon... Things I somewhat care about: Having BOINC run at startup, be aware and logged into my World Community Grid account, and be configured to run 100% CPU Time, 100% CPU, 60 Second Checkpoint, 2 day min project file cache/queue, 5 day max, no network restrictions, default HDD usage, 50%RAM while the user is active, 75% while user inactive, NO NOTIFICATIONS (can you tell they bug me?) and that's probably about it. I'd appreciate BOINC TUI but of course that would mean security flaw and I might not think of it if I install the OS somewhere more sensitive.

So what I would like to know is what files can be copied, which must be scripted during the install to have data written to them or permissions changed (hey anything's possible even if it doesn't make sense at first) and what are my options for such an installation or even instead of installing as apart of a USB/CD Installation of Debian/Ubuntu? For example I know that there are ways of mass installing boinc on Windows, is there a more practical way of installing it?

As linux OS's are installed using CD/USB "mirrors" how difficult would hosting a local mirror be of BOINC pre-configured? It seems to me that it's rather similar if not identical with the extra step of hosting it on a local machine instead of an installation media. Thanks everyone for your input, I haven't decided the method of compiling the installation media yet (whether by Cubic or similar OS install compiler).

Version of BOINC: Newest, Version of Ubuntu: 16.04.3 and soon 18.04, Version of Debian Stretch(9) and eventually Buster.

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Message 84435 - Posted: 19 Jan 2018, 6:58:00 UTC
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Interesting idea. I run Debian on my rigs and usually just do a netinst off a USB thumb drive using my local proxy that usually has the packages cached, followed by some manual steps to remove some packages (Open office) and install a couple of packages. The thing is I have a mix of Intel GPU and Nvidia GPU’s so I need different packages depending on that.

You can copy the account* files onto a new install so it picks up the projects, just make sure you don’t copy the client_state files. You can also copy the global_prefs_override file to set BOINC parameters.
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Message 84452 - Posted: 21 Jan 2018, 4:50:08 UTC

See this thread and see if one of the two distros might suit you instead of compiling a whole distro yourself...
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