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Message 84159 - Posted: 2 Jan 2018, 18:40:20 UTC

Came across this article in my Google News Feed for BOINC:


(You'll need to use Google translate or some other site unless you can read Chinese. There IS a English version site, but I couldn't locate this on the English site.)

It talks about a Turkish University offering a course on alien communications (the characters in Arrival sure could have used this). It also mentions other universities around the world (one in the U.S. too) offering similar courses.

There's mention of SETI and BOINC towards the end. Of course it has to make mention of UFOs in general. The site doesn't seem to be a UFO focused site although there are some other UFO focused articles. Looking over the site, I'd actually say they cover quite a broad spectrum of news including human interest.

I don't think the premise is actually bad though. My thought was more are we jumping the gun here... then again, who knows? Science Fiction has been playing around with how we might communicate with aliens for ages...
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Message boards : Projects : UFOlogy 201?

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