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Chris Sutton

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Message 83671 - Posted: 7 Dec 2017, 13:00:34 UTC
Last modified: 7 Dec 2017, 13:08:59 UTC

After a long silence, I noticed today that the host www.malariacontrol.net is alive again on IP:

However, neither the domain whois, nor the IP whois reflect CERN / University of Geneva / Swiss Tropical Institute / University of Basel which were the previous custodians and affiliated organisations of MCDN.

As a result, I am assuming that the domain has new ownership (previously it was reg'd to Nick Maire of Swiss TPH) and if that is the case, we should all be careful of any data exchanged with that site until the new owners have made their intentions known.

It could be that they have good intentions, however one of the easiest methods of gathering a lot of BOINC username/password credentials would be to rereg a domain of a popular (albeit defunct) project and lure everyone into rejoining....

Consider this as a public service announcement in the interim.

Thank you for your time.

Sorry, jumped the gun a bit.
whois at OVH confirms domain is still reg'd to Nic @ Swiss TPH.

So perhaps, this is a reboot of the project?? - Wouldn't that be great!!
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