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Message 5786 - Posted: 27 Sep 2006, 18:34:15 UTC

Hi all,

I am doing research on how credit system works in BOINC. My team wants to understand this issue in detail in order to see if it works OK for docking@home, which is currently in alpha testing, or to see if we can improve it for our project. I got most things figured out by now. However, I would like to know if BOINC's source code comes with a default validator. I know it has two sample ones:

If you don't do anything and start a new project, is any of these two the default? Or you MUST either call one of these (explicitly, by adding code) or create your customized one.

I guess my question can be viewed also as: "can you run a project without modifying anything and taking on default values? (except for things like the work generator of course)" If possible, what is the default validator?

Finally, I know this can be seen by looking at the source code but I'm having some troubles since I am not a C expert, so I would really appreciate your help.

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Message 5787 - Posted: 27 Sep 2006, 20:31:26 UTC

Yes and no. You can theoretically use either validator straight out of the box however in most cases they will need to be modified to be specific to your science applications. The bitwise version compares the output files bit for bit and in most cases will only work if you are using homogenous redundancy. If I remember correctly the trivial version will validate anything that does not have a client error no matter how much it differs from other results. Normally a project will need something inbetween ie. results need to be close to each other but not exactly the same.

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Message 5789 - Posted: 27 Sep 2006, 20:36:07 UTC

Thanks Keck, we are using HR and we would do OK with the bitwise comparison. My question is, though, is this the default one? Or is the default one sample_trivial_validator.C? I know we can use either, just wondering which one BOINC uses as the default one (if any). Or will makeproject fail if you don't tell BOINC which one to use explicitly?

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Message boards : Server programs : Is there a default validator for BOINC?

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