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Message 81572 - Posted: 25 Sep 2017, 10:11:41 UTC

Hello dear community!

I have a problem with the BOINC App on Android. When a task is on 100% it just continues to run. It doesn't complete/upload the task.

I am involved in the World Community Grid Project. I use the latest version 7.4.53.

My Android version is 7.1.1 and my phone is the Vernee Apollo lite with Helio x20 CPU.

Is there a way to solve this issue?

Thank you very much!
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Message 81669 - Posted: 1 Oct 2017, 20:40:37 UTC - in response to Message 81572.  

Apps continuing to run after hitting 100% may be because the science application isn't done yet. Best first ask about that at the project you got the problem with: WCG Android forums.
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Message 81901 - Posted: 10 Oct 2017, 1:28:58 UTC - in response to Message 81572.  

If you've completed tasks before, you can try seeing if they completed and reported successfully and see what the run time was. If your current run time is under that you're probably okay. If it's definitely over (hours), you may have a bad WU or something got corrupted. In that case, report it on the WCG Android forum and specify your host so the WCG folks can look into it. Check to see if any other folks might be having troubles too. Possible causes are a bad batch of WUs or a new client version...
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Message 81902 - Posted: 10 Oct 2017, 6:38:12 UTC - in response to Message 81669.  

If the question would have.been asked at the WCG relevant sub-project forum, guessing Ebola, you'd be told :"Normal for this science, and Can Be particularly lengthy, like observed up to 9 hours'. LET IT RUN!
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