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Message 79026 - Posted: 15 Jun 2017, 7:25:35 UTC

Hi Guys,

I was having a problem with my R9 -270x from XFX so I started a support ticket and in one of the messages I was told that the card is no good, that they would need proof of purchase and to email it to escalations@xfxforce.com.

I sent the email two days ago and have still not heard anything. Has anyone had similar experience, how long did it take until you received word back.
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Message 79030 - Posted: 15 Jun 2017, 8:33:19 UTC - in response to Message 79026.  
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According to https://hardforum.com/threads/xfx-how-long-of-a-turn-around-on-an-rma.1634752/ you can expect a week, with the actual RMA taking longer.
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