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Message 75494 - Posted: 25 Jan 2017, 23:17:13 UTC
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Hi fellows!

INB4 - this is not a promotional thread
Promotional will be posted in a one-two weeks..

In cooperation with digitalbiopharm and drugdiscovery we are working on new project SONM, which is build on BOINC base.

We are building network of distributed calculations when everyone could rent or sell theirown capacities for the money. Also,we will smoothly optimizing network with such technology as M.A.S. and Swarm intellegence - we will try to build most powerful and self-consciousness AI in the history.

As I sad - there is not a promotional for now, that's why I don't give you link to the blog or something else, for now we are just looking for BOINC DevOps and probably also a few members to our team.

Draft of WhitePapers could be sent for request.

What do we need to do from a DevOps for just now?

Working with database -
-- create two tables in BOINC database, update schema

--Modify two php scripts - one for snapshot db job , second one for calculation of balances of users -
first one get address and totalCredits from users table, add timestamp and snapshot id and record this into snapshot table.
second one must take two last snapshots and calculate delta, then divide delta to rule of convertion and add record with address and amount_to_payout into second (balance) table

examples for work could be found here:

--Write two simple API methods -
one must sent info about users and balance from balance table in the JSON.
second one must check for aministrative priveleges and in positive option drop record with address id, that was recieved.

In the future DevOps will be needed to apply&deploy our solutions to the server side.

Also we are looking to M.A.S. / swarm intellegence specialists! - we are already have a scheme of organization of MAS system and structure of messages - if you interested in it.

please contact with me through e-mail or telegramm @jbekket ( ) with "DevOps-BOINC" mark.
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Message boards : Projects : BOINC DevOps needed

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