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Message 74213 - Posted: 19 Nov 2016, 10:17:16 UTC


I'm my own exploration journey to create my very first BOINC project. Along the way I'm finding a few typos and gotchas in the various BOINC wiki pages here. Whats the best way to get these fixes to the documentation made?

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Message 75871 - Posted: 12 Feb 2017, 3:24:13 UTC

+1 to your post.

I previously posted to the boinc_alpha mailing list about an error in the documentation for the BOINCCMD.EXE which "magically" was corrected. Now I have found this forum for documentation correction submitals. I only hope it is actively monitored and gets responses to postings.

In the Wiki for "Client configuration", a reference to "debt" still exists. The Manager no longer uses debts, and that reference should be removed.

See for information about "<zero_debt>0|1</zero_debt>".

When used, the manager gives this message "2/12/2017 8:42:08 AM | | Unrecognized tag in cc_config.xml: <zero_debt>"
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Message 75873 - Posted: 12 Feb 2017, 9:47:01 UTC - in response to Message 75871.  
Last modified: 12 Feb 2017, 9:49:27 UTC

The problem with the page is that it isn't version dependent, so we cannot remove stuff willy-nilly just because something isn't in a newer version anymore.
In this case the documentation states:
Resets inter-project debts. Intended to be applied one time, then tag set back to 0 before next client restart or reread of config file. (Deprecated from version 7) which may need a rewrite to make it clearer. But certainly not a cold delete as this page also has options still in use by many who use BOINC 5 and BOINC 6 versions, be it by choice or because there's no other option for them for their operating system.

Now, when one makes a fully populated cc_config.xml with the Event Log Options... window in BOINC Manager (with BOINC 7.6), this option isn't there.
One has to manually add it, and to do so, one would've read the documentation and seen that it isn't an option for BOINC 7.

I have changed the documentation to say:
Resets inter-project debts. Intended to be applied one time, then tag set back to 0 before next client restart or reread of config file. (No longer used in BOINC 7)

Apropos being pedantic, the Manager never used debts, the client did. The original name for this file is core client configuration file. It's the BOINC client that uses these various options, not the Manager (= GUI).
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