(Pointing out) GFLOP vs APR

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Message 74205 - Posted: 19 Nov 2016, 0:37:30 UTC

To quote from another thread (on S@H):

your phone:
Measured floating point speed 803.53 million ops/sec (~0.8 GFlops)
Application details Average Processing rates ( ~1.5-1.6 GFlops )

I'm wondering if they took the neon/vfp Boinc whetstone code out of the arm/android clients (quite possible)

[Edit:] Looks like no vectorised form of the whetstone was completed. Though the android client code comments imply vfp/neon, there isnt any vfp/neon code in it. 'Just means the Gflops numbers will be ├║pside down' like the Intel ones.

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Message boards : Android : (Pointing out) GFLOP vs APR

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