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Message 73771 - Posted: 4 Nov 2016, 22:58:47 UTC

All in favour say aye with a reply.

Me sayeth aye😀
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Message 73781 - Posted: 5 Nov 2016, 6:42:15 UTC - in response to Message 73771.  

All in favour say aye with a reply.

Me sayeth aye😀

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Message 73798 - Posted: 5 Nov 2016, 15:22:31 UTC

It's not really necessary. It would be necessary if this forum wasn't much used anyway, but since there's been posts in it every day the thread stays at the top.

After the whole debacle of the past weeks, we're also want to make this forum more BOINC again than a Seti annex. So all Setonians are welcome to stay here - within reason - and start whichever thread you want, but the sticky ones are about BOINC only.

You don't have the Seti threads stickied at other project forums either, do you? So then, why here?
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Message 73802 - Posted: 5 Nov 2016, 16:26:06 UTC

Jord is correct. It isn't going to autolock any time soon. Frankly I was a bit surprised when I got the thread report saying it had been made sticky. But we were about to move the project to the co-location facility and knew we would be down for a while, so I guess it made sense.

Over the long time it has been up, the thread has picked up posters who don't post at seti. We have also picked up posters who think this site should be moderated with as heavy a hand as Seti. Look at the opening post in the thread. Read the rules.

At some point it passed its original purpose of being a place to say hi while Seti was down and pass rumors of why it was down and when it would come back. A few didn't read the rule to keep it light. So a politics thread was made so they had a place to vomit. But that too was meant only for when Seti was down. It got sticky, likely a mistake as it drew too much attention, but we were far from any election cycles so at the time it didn't attract professional fan blades.

So, to be clear, the OP never asked for the thread to be sticky and he isn't now. There simply isn't enough traffic on this board for that.

Now if DA could add a function to ignore a thread to the BOINC forum code we might make a few more happy as they could ignore the unpleasant to them subjects.
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Message boards : The Lounge : Petition to get the Seti is down cafe re-sticked

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