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Message 69882 - Posted: 1 Jun 2016, 7:53:16 UTC
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I have a couple of WCG Ebola work units that are sitting at 100% completed - one says "running" the other one says "ready." They've been sitting at this for probably 6 hours. I assumed the "ready" was ready to upload but it didn't upload when I forced an update.

Will these ever complete/upload now or should I just bin them?
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Message 69890 - Posted: 1 Jun 2016, 13:55:05 UTC - in response to Message 69882.  
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Yes it can do that for we don't know why [See WCG forums[. I've observed this taking as long as 9 hours on my tablet. When restarted, on my tablet, it goes briefly to 99% which is the 8th checkpoint point [hardcoded there's one every ~12.5% progress, except if the client specifies a longer interval]. So, when you see 100% on Ebola, don't interrupt it, because you could be loosing quite a bit of runtime on resume. OTOH, I've lost interest over the 'issue'. It is what it is... glad that science at all can make use of the device when idling on a charger. Wish there's were millions instead of the ~50,000 active at this time. Projects would fly, even if only doing 1 task a day at fraction of the power cost.

BTW, 'ready' is truly ready to upload/report, the 'report' second part after uploading the result output file, goes whenever the scheduler can, though think the Android client is programmed to do a Report Result Immediately [when on wifi].
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Message boards : Android : 100% but never completes

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