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Message 69615 - Posted: 16 May 2016, 1:09:58 UTC

On my Data Info I have this detail that never changes, what is it?
from 12 hr 48' 10'RA. --24 deg 48' 20' Dec
Recorded on: Fri Mar 04 05:43:32 2016
Recorded at: Green Bank Telescope, Rcvr1__2, Pol 0
Base frequency: 1.840541840 GHz
I would appreciate any explanation as for some reason I am missing the description of that field in the programs documentation.
Thank you for your time and consideration
David Pearl and yes I am just starting your program and have much to learn but I try and run it as often as possible.[/code][/code][/code]
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Message 69618 - Posted: 16 May 2016, 5:56:26 UTC - in response to Message 69615.  

This is NOT the SETI forums.
Your question would be best found/answered in the Number Crunching forum there:
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