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Message 69117 - Posted: 23 Apr 2016, 0:38:41 UTC

I tried to build boinc for Android but it didn't work.

I used the instructions from

but I get this error on

checking for the version of libcurl... 7.35.0
checking for libcurl >= version 7.17.1... yes
checking whether libcurl is usable... no
configure: error:
ERROR: could not find (recent enough) development-libs for libcurl.

This library is required to build the boinc-client.
(If you don't want to build the client, use --disable-client with configure.

If libcurl-dev is installed on your system, make sure that the script
'curl-config' is found in your PATH, and that
'curl-config --version' gives something recent enough (see above).

You can download libcurl from:


Maybe you can say me what I am doing wrong
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Message boards : Android : Problem building boinc for Android

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