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Message 67759 - Posted: 15 Feb 2016, 10:14:33 UTC
Last modified: 15 Feb 2016, 10:30:42 UTC

A small warning for everyone.

Before you feel you need to be petty and punish me for filling up your email/private message inbox with messages about post moves, do know that this is a setting you set yourself. At least, the email one. In Community Preferences, you've set for How should we notify you of new private messages, friend requests, posts in subscribed threads, and other events? either Immediately, by email, or In a single daily email.
Don't want to receive emails on post movements/post deletions etc? Set that preference to On my Account page (no email).

You will still get private messages about it -because someone at some time at Seti, I think it was- asked for this to be hard wired into the forum software, that for everything the moderators did to your posts, you would get a PM about it, for openness and clarity. And if you think you have it tough, consider me, as I get emails about everything and some double when it pertains posts I made: I will get the moderation PM and email and I will get an email because I am the moderator. I get emails about everything I moderatorly do on the forums.

If from now on you think a moderator did something wrong, and he or she really need to be chastised for it, either PM that moderator about it or if it's something you feel you cannot communicate to them directly, email David Anderson about it.
Compliments about what we do are of course also welcome at either channel option.

As for my pet peeve of you quoting a whole big post that someone made one post before yours and you adding a little ditty, or a +1 underneath it, yes, I'd rather you didn't. It is totally unnecessary, it's bad netiquette, and it isn't something you do in daily life either. For I don't believe one minute that in conversation with someone else, you complete repeat what the other just said, before you add your sentence, after which the other guy completely repeats what he said, what you said and adds a sentence, and that 5 times in a row.

So please, when you want to quote, quote that part of the message you want to answer to.
If there are more parts of the original post you want to answer to, answer in-line to quoted text, but delete the rest of the post.
When you want to answer to the previous post, just use the Reply button that's to the left of to the Quote button.

The next person thinking it is funny to pull a stunt like this for no reason whatsoever, will get the a 24 hour banishment.
Again: when you have a problem with the moderating or the messages coming from that, you ask the moderator in private message, or email David Anderson about it.

Thank you,

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Message boards : The Lounge : Feeling you need to take it out on me? Netiquette is something you do

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