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Message 510 - Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 5:16:16 UTC

This may be an os specific problem so I posted under windows (seti page) also. I'm running XP and 98SE and have tried all manner of auto-connect (internet options settings) in control panel. The Internet Explorer startup ALWAYS works (i.e. auto dial up and disconnect occurs as configured).

The problem is that BOINC does not reliably (i.e. ALWAYS) auto-connect and does not reliable (i.e. ALWAYS) auto-disconnect. (The 98SE machines also get into a hung state at times in the screensaver and do not "come back" from screen save mode.)

The rest of my experience with BOINC is GREAT. Fix the dialup connect/disconnect problems and i will switch from seti classic. 'till then i have no choice but to stay with classic (as long as i can).

I have 3 systems, 2 98SE and 1 XP. Again, BOINC is GREAT, it's just the dialup interface/api that needs attention.


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Joined: 21 Sep 05
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Message 511 - Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 5:17:32 UTC

I tried 5.1.4, hoping the latest was the greatest. I'll try 4.72 next.

Here are the results for 5.1.4:

In "Messages" window:

9/22/2005 9:38:16 PM|SETI@home|Fetching master file
-> I heard my modem go off hook and start dialing here...

-> ... then while the modem was still working at establishing the connection,
-> the following error messages were reported.
9/22/2005 9:38:17 PM||Couldn't resolve hostname [setiathome.berkeley.edu]
9/22/2005 9:38:21 PM|SETI@home|Master file fetch failed
9/22/2005 9:38:21 PM|SETI@home|Too many backoffs - fetching master file
9/22/2005 9:38:26 PM|SETI@home|Deferring communication with project for 2 days, 17 hours, 38 minutes, and 37 seconds

-> After connecting a message appeared near the task bar indicating that BOINC
-> had successfully established a network connection.
-> It immediately broke the connection, and reported that BOINC had successfully
-> disconnected from the network.

Please pass this on if it could be of any use in debug.


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Joined: 21 Sep 05
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Message 512 - Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 5:18:55 UTC

Ok, the latest:

4.72 is working fine with XP.
5.1.4 does not work with XP.

AT present, nothing is working with my 98SE systems.
Tried 4.72 and 5.1.4. (and the official release 4.45 also)

For now my 98SE systems are running seti "classic"

Pass this info on as needed.


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Message 513 - Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 5:30:15 UTC

If all is well, Rom Walton is reading these boards. So he'll get the information. Thank you for testing it.
Please do not private message me for tech support. Use the forums for that. Tech PMs will be ignored!
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Message 525 - Posted: 25 Sep 2005, 4:41:24 UTC

I'm back using classic on all systems (98SE(2) XP(1)).
Dialup is just not running reliably in BOINC.

Classic seems to dial, connect, disconnect perfectly
using the standard IE Internet Options control panel
app configuration for "dial when a connection is needed".

Thanks for all your help.
I'll be back to try again with new versions after 5.1.4.
'Till then it's time for classic.


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