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Message 63807 - Posted: 25 Aug 2015, 2:00:18 UTC
Last modified: 25 Aug 2015, 2:03:03 UTC

Hi everyone. For the last few weeks, I have been working on a small project which I hope can grow much bigger. For now, I call it Grid, and it is meant to be a cross-platform BOINC GUI with a lot of added functionality. It's ultimate goal is to make BOINC easier and more fun to use, by simplifying things and adding features, in the hope of reaching new users and spreading volunteer computing.

Grid is written in Java and uses a modified Java binding from Android. Here are some of the features I would like to implement:

Short term:

- Mac port (very soon)
- Linux port
- Add more basic functionality and improve UI
Grid is still very rudimentary and needs a lot of polishing

Long term:

- Credit analytic
Something like an integrated BOINCStats
- Rank system
Add more of a reward for crunching by creating goals or ranks users can achieve based on credit
- Friends list
Don't know how it should be implemented, but it would be interesting to have some native integration with friends in order to join groups or compete
- Facebook integration
Something like sharing total credit or rank achievements could help spread the work about volunteer computing
- A website

If you are interested in seeing how Grid looks now, here is it's SourceForge page:

Now, of course, what I would like the most is for people to contribute. So here is it's GitHub page:

That's it. Again, if you are interested even in the slightest, please consider downloading Grid and giving some feedback, any help is much appreciated. And if you are a bit more than slightly interested, please consider taking a look at the source code and contributing (that would be awesome).

Thank you all very much!

P.S.: I am not an experienced programmer, so forgive me for any mistakes I may make.
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Message 64072 - Posted: 5 Sep 2015, 18:51:53 UTC

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update some things about Grid:

- Grid now has a website! It's Please check it out!
- Updated the UI with Undecorator by in-sideFX for a more clean and consistent look.
- Added a basics statistics viewer.
- Added a basic ranking system.
- Other small changes.

If you are interested in the project, please consider contributing to it at Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all very much!
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