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Message 62951 - Posted: 8 Jul 2015, 17:24:09 UTC

Hello all,

I have recently run into an issue where if I try to add the Citizen Science grid through the BOINC client I get the following error:

Project not found. The URL you supplied is not that of a BOINC-based project. Please check the URL and try again.

The reason for this is that the url address that BOINC automatically shows is wrong:

What you need to do is replace that url address with this one:

I found that the url that is listed in the Project list tab in BOINC was different from the one that the BOINC client was showing.

Hope this helps anyone that has been having an issue trying to connect to the Citizen Science Grid project.
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Message 62953 - Posted: 8 Jul 2015, 17:48:07 UTC - in response to Message 62951.  

Forwarded to development.
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Message 62955 - Posted: 8 Jul 2015, 19:58:39 UTC - in response to Message 62953.  
Last modified: 8 Jul 2015, 20:04:29 UTC

Actually, the correct URL to connect a client to is:

Using the address will just cause the client to display in the Event Log something like "You have attached to the wrong URL, please disconnect and reattach to as soon as possible".
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