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Version 1.51
Summary BoincLogX creates detailed log files for all BOINC projects.
Description BoincLogX makes it possible to log and show information about your processed WUs. In addition to a general log file which supports all BOINC projects, it will create project specific log files with detailed information about the WUs and results of some projects like SETI@home, Einstein@Home and AstroPulse. Additionally, it can backup the most important files for later analyses. BoincLogX can monitor an unlimited number of BOINC clients in a windows or SAMBA network. It will show basic state information like current progress, cache status or time left for all BOINC projects and project specific state information (like Spikes, Gaussians, Pulses or Triplets for SETI@home-WUs) for some projects. The overall view makes it possible to get an overview of all WUs which are currently in the caches of the monitored clients. You can see the time left for all projects and all clients and you'll be able to see the estimated finish time for all of your WUs regarding the current resource share and the clients activity fraction.
Date 6:29 PM UTC, February 16 2006

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