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An account manager is a web site where you can browse BOINC-based projects, and attach or detach them. This simplifies participating in BOINC, especially if you

  • are new to BOINC
  • have several computers
  • participate in several projects
  • like to learn about new projects.

The advantages of using an account manager:

With account manager Without account manager
See all BOINC projects, old and new, listed and described at the account manager. Find BOINC projects by word-of-mouth or using a search engine.
Attach to a project with one mouse click. If you have multiple computers, all of them will be attached. Attach to a project by bringing up the 'Attach Project Wizard' in the BOINC Manager, and entering the URL and your email address and password. You must do this separately at each of your computers.
Change your account details (name, email address, password) in one web page, at the account manager. Change your account details on each project web site, separately.
Set resource shares for all projects in one web page, at the account manager. Set resource shares at each project web site, separately.
Create/join/quit teams in one web page, at the account manager. Create/join/quit teams at each project web site, separately.

Important.png Not all projects are compatible with account managers
World Community Grid does not support updating preferences through an account manager. On site profile changing remains needed.

Available Account Managers

Attaching to an Account Manager

Once you have registered with an account manager, you will need to attach each of your clients to the account manager.

Remember to register with an account manager first.

Using the GUI

  1. In the 'Tools" menu, select 'Attach to Account Manager...'(note: if you have no menus at the
    top, click "Advanced View" in the bottom left corner.) Account Manager GUI Step1.png

  2. Click the 'Next' button. Be very careful not to accidentally click the 'Cancel' button, or you will be required to start over from step 1.
    Account Manager GUI Step2.png

  3. Enter the URL of your selected account manager
    Account Manager GUI Step3.png

  4. Enter either the username and password you registered with your account manager, or your weak authenticator and a small, random string in place of a password.
    Account Manager GUI Step4.png

  5. Click the finish button, and the BOINC client will connect with your account manager.
    Account Manager GUI Step5.png

Using the Boinccmd

To attach to your account manager from the command line using Boinccmd, simply issue the command
boinccmd --join_acct_mgr URL name password

where URL is the URL provided by your selected account manager, name is either the name you use to sign into your account manager or your weak authenticator and password is either the password you use to sign into your account manager or, if you used a weak authenticator, it is a small random string (it will be ignored by the account manager).